Strat Petroleum Ltd. was established to build on the strong contacts and relationships our management and other team members have in the Russian Federation and other CIS countries in the oil and gas industry.


Strat Petroleum Inc.’s Mission

Strat Petroleum’s mission is to build a strong integrated petroleum company based on opportunities available in the Russian Federation and neighbouring countries. This will be accomplished through development of crude oil sites with proven reserves and through the sale of refined products secured from a number of refineries with which the Company has very strong contact.


Our People

H. Sam Hyams
President & CEO of Strat Petroleum Inc.

Mr. Hyams holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from York University in Ontario and is a Chartered Accountant. His extensive experience over the past 20 years in Canadian industry and on the international scene has included positions in finance and accounting to assisting in establishing new ventures by securing financing, and managing their business plans. Mr. Hyams has also acted as a consultant to small and medium sized businesses, advising them on strategic plans for growth, acquisitions and divestitures.

Chaim Flatt
Executive V.P. Business Development

Mr. Flatt holds B.Sc. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Kaunas Polytechnic University in Russia. He brings over 30 years of knowledge, experience and network of contacts developed in the areas of project development, financing and international trade. Mr. Flatt is President of Arad Energy Products Co. which has been involved in projects in the Russian Federation and other CIS countries since the late 1980’s with focus on the natural resource sector. In the past few years Mr. Flatt has concentrated on trade of oil and oil products, which has allowed him to build a very good network of contacts in the Russia and the CIS.

Lev Perelman
Consulting Engineer

Mr. Perelman holds BS and MS degrees in Civil Engineering and gas supply systems from the University of N. Novgorod (Russia) and holds BS degree in Power Engineering from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology of Calgary(Alberta, Canada) In Russia he was employed by Gasprom and has been actively involved in oil/ gas, development, processing and consulting since 1973. He was involved in the development of the Volga transgas” and Moscowgaspipeline” oil and gas pipelines.




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